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What do Waffles, Chickens & Weybridge have in common?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The answer is Marble! Yes, we have brought our customers an innovative new dish combining the two delicacies. This combination first appeared in the United States in the 1600s in Pennsylvania Dutch country, where they served the waffle with stewed chicken and gravy!

The version using fried chicken is associated more with American soul food – but there are few places serving it in the UK today. There’s a fine art to getting the chicken strips nice and tender and the waffles fluffy and light. At Marble we’ve got the knack!

This is a big deal for Marble because Chicken is the first savoury item to grace our menu (it’s rather honoured!) and we think it’s great because it means that our Chicken Waffle dish has the potential to satisfy both savoury and sweet cravings. It’s also our most filling dish due to all that protein topping it off. Marble’s Chicken Waffles are served with wide selection of dips, including burger sauce, garlic mayo, peri-peri and even gravy! And if sweet is still the order of the day, you could opt for salted caramel to really hit the spot. Whoever said you couldn’t mix salt and sweet? They missed out big time. Or maybe we are all just losing our marbles?! One thing we’re sure of is that you won’t find soul food like this anywhere else in Weybridge. Come in and give them a whirl. If you like Chicken and you like Waffles, you’d be bonkers not to. Tell your friends you’re trying them… Tag and share your experience with them and us via our social channels using the hashtags #chickenwafflemadness #lostmymarbles

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