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The Secret Worth Shouting About

Most secrets should stay that way, wouldn’t you agree? But we think that when you discover our beautiful mature garden and experience its magical feel – it won’t be a secret for long! You’ll be keen to share ‘The Secret Garden’ with your family and friends whilst you enjoy something carefully chosen from our extensive range of sweet treats and beverages.

We opened the garden in June 2021 and it has seen lots of locals and visitors since. From beautifully warm, sun-filled days to long, mild summer nights and with thoughtfully heated decking for chillier nights, our outdoor space has had a calm buzz about it as groups have gathered to catch up after so much time indoors. We’ve seen iced coffees guzzled under the heat of the sun, milk moustaches and sticky ice cream hands, eyes filled with wonder at warm waffle loveliness and silky cocktails sipped under the starlit sky. They say pink and green should never be seen, but we are inclined to disagree! The pink theme inside is continued outside, with our resident long beaked flamingos, who are a hit with children and adults alike. Into the evening, the garden becomes a child-free zone, as it serves our mellow Shisha sessions, taking place daily from 7pm. With quaint paved walkways leading to separate covered areas to serve different groups of friends, the biggest problem you’ll have is choosing where to settle! We have been told that there is certain ambience about our garden that makes you want to stay put. Which is of course, fine by us. Share your time spent with us by tagging us via social platforms: Facebook: Marble Lounge Instagram: @marblelounge_uk Share this secret! Tell your friends and include the hashtags #canyoukeepasecret #meetmeinthegarden

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