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Our Story

Our Mission & Community Values

We opened the doors to Marble in December 2020 and have since enjoyed seeing the fruits of our labour serve so many different groups within the Weybridge and the wider Elmbridge community. We want Marble to be many things to many people. A social haven for those feeling lonely or lost. A retreat for those needing a touch of calm. A production hub for those with work pursuits and ventures. An inspiration to those feeling creatively charged. A catch-up place for friends. A playful space for kids and teens…. Ultimately, we want to see the people of Weybridge indulging in a little bit of Marble Magic, because we know it goes a long way.

Our Commitment

We want our commitment to the community to be palpable. People are our business and our business is our people. We value every single customer and what they have to say about us and we want to continually improve our service and offering to everyone who walks through our doors. Our staff are part of our Marble family and our values are upheld by all who work with us.

What our customers say...

Claire, Local Mum

"I was drawn in by the clean and fresh ambience of Marble Lounge, surprised by their extensive, mouth-watering menu and made to feel extremely welcome by the warm and friendly staff. Marble is now one of my top meeting places for friends and colleagues and somewhere to take the kids after dinner for a treat dessert!"


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